By Ayodeji Agbelusi 

Memorize: Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake. Psalm 115:1 KJV

Read: Psalm 115:1-3

We have adopted several channels of communicating our petitions and heartfelt prayers to God in desperate proofs of how needy we are in this world. But more importantly, we should learn the act of thanksgiving and how to glorify God the more for His mercy, faithfulness and love. If you remove divine intervention from your story and earthly journey, you’ll suddenly discover that without God, we are worthless. 

The glory belongs to God and evidently the blessings are released into our lives correspondently. The beauty of your goings on the earth is seen in your attitude to gratitude. You cannot become anything tangible through self effort. Nothing good is ever by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the most High God. Therefore, let God be glorified for who he has made you and for all that you have gained while trusting in His unfailing love. Learn to be grateful to God, ascribe all honor and glory to Him over everything and you’ll be greatly blessed as the Lord pleases. 

Declaration: Father, I stand in awe of you. I return all the praise and glory to your most holy name. Be magnified for who you are and for your marvelous working power in and around my life and family. 

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