By Pastor Ayodeji Agbelusi

Memorize: Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzi-bah, and thy land Beulah: for the Lord delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married. Isaiah 62:4 KJV

Read: Isaiah 62:4-5

The declaration of God over your destiny is worth more than silver and gold or any other thing that can be named on the earth. The name you bear has so much to say about your destiny and how well you will enjoy divine benefits on the earth. Therefore, you need to be careful never to answer anything different from what God is calling you. Jabez was named a child of sorrow and that evil pronouncement from his mother characterized his destiny all through to abject poverty. I declare a cancellation of all negative tags on your destiny in Jesus’ mighty name.

God is able to redesign your destiny with a lovely nomenclature. It does not matter the name you bear at the moment due to the situations of life or the condition you are made to go through. God translated Jabez from dishonor to honour and from poverty to prosperity. He will do that for you this season in Jesus name. Hannah was translated from barrenness unto fruitfulness while the children of Israel gained freedom from slavery in Egypt. That evil tag on your life, career and ministry will be visited by the Lord this day in Jesus name. But you must approach the Lord in prayers through faith. Take that unpleasant situation of your marriage and business to God. Call on the Lord for a redirection and a change of name from failure unto success over your children. I know as you trust him with faith in your heart, your name will be changed from a subject of pity unto a seasoned celebrity in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point: I reject every evil name that has been pronounced over my destiny in Jesus’ mighty name. I receive a new name from the Lord today with a glorious change of position.

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  1. Oyekola Oluyinka

    Sir, I have really missed your powerful word of inspiration since you changed the web. Thank you for the notice about the new one Sir I am so blessed this morning. I pray for more of God’s grace and unction upon you Sir in Jesus name. Thank you very much Sir.