PHIL. 3:13-14, JER. 29:11
Don’t let your past limit you. No matter how bad your past was, it cannot predict your future unless you allow it. God is the one who can do exceedingly more in your future than the devil has done in your past. No matter the mistakes you have made in the past, if you hold fast to God, you have a great future. Your past does not intimidate God; He knows your past as well as your future. He is the only one who can love you despite your wicked and terrible past. Men will keep loving or accepting you until they know your past. A bad past may cause men to turn against you or from you, but God loves you even with that negative past and He is ready to give you a glorious future when you come to him.
The devil works in your today based on your past to destroy your future, but God is the one who works with your past and your today to give you a greater future. Satan had fought the future of many men with their past but God also had redeemed the great future of men who handed over their lives both the past and today to him. God said in the scriptures, “For I know the thought that I think towards you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end”, some people have held on to their past so tightly and it had hindered and cost them the good future God planned for them. Maybe a man or a lady jilted you in the past, don’t let it hold you down or cripple your future. Maybe you are even a single mother who had a child out of wedlock; you still have a future in God. Hand over that bad past to Jesus and let Him clean you up, ease your pain and give you a new life and a great future.
You can keep being afraid of your past or you can expose it, confront it and hand it over to God. Even if men rejected you because of what they know of your past, you can make them change their minds if you confront it and hand it over to Jesus and begin to walk in His plan for your life. Remember, God can do more in your future than the devil, men and your mistakes have done in your past.
PRAYER: Lord, I choose to move forward into my future, I refuse to remain held bound by my past in Jesus’ name.

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  1. Florence Taylor

    Oh God! Iam very grateful for this timely message. Am really Blessed.